Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Calling all Volunteers!

Dear Members,

We have several positions for which we need volunteers:

Treasurer: The Treasurer position will mainly consist of depositing checks and paying bills. The President will pick up the mail, review it, give the Treasurer the checks, bank statements and any bills that come in. The Treasurer will also make sure that at the end of the summer, monies are transferred into the appropriate savings account as directed by the Board. If you like numbers, you will like this. You will have to keep good records and there will be some filings with the IRS, but we are trying to break down this position so that it is not so overwhelming. If the person volunteering is a bookkeeper/accountant, we would be willing to pay a small fee for services. We are hoping to keep this to 10 hours per month. However, it would require weekly deposits, keeping the books balanced, preparing required IRS forms, putting together financial forms, and, if necessary, finding someone to volunteer to help.

Membership Chair: The membership applications will be scanned and sent to the membership chair and his/her helpers to update membership list, run labels and mail out thank you notes and car tags.

Newsletter Chair: The Newsletter chair will be in charge of gathering the information given from the Board, turn it into a newsletter, send it out to members via email/USPS/copies at club house (I’ll check to see if that is okay).

Social Events: We need several people who are interested in “hosting” social events at the beach. We try to keep them simple: Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July Parade, 5K Run, Oktoberfest, End of Summer gathering at pool. Those kind of events. So, if you like getting a party started, this would be for you. The 4th of July is our big event and we need volunteers or it just won’t happen.

Beach: Don Croke is the manager of the beach. However, he always needs help laying the sand when it arrives, we always need help making sure the playground is in good condition, and opening and closing gate, as well as monitoring the beach.

Walking Beach: We need someone to check on the Walking Beach, determine if any repairs or upgrades are needed and submit their findings to the Board.

Volunteer Chair: We need someone who can be like “Dog The Bounty Hunter” and hunt down people to do volunteer work. The more volunteers the less work. This person would also coordinate all volunteer efforts.

If you are interested in any of these positions, and some of you have so indicated, please meet at the beach on April 18th at 2:00 p.m. for a volunteer meeting. We’ll bring the beer!!!

Marianne Romero
BBCA President

Friday, March 19, 2010




Please return payment and application to BBCA, PO Box 67, Leonardtown, MD  20650



Name:                  _______________________________________________________


Street Address:  _______________________________________________________



Mailing Address:  ______________________________________________________




Phone:  _________________                


Would you like to receive BBCA news & information via e-mail?   Yes   No


E-Mail Address: _____________________________________________________


Would you like to receive BBCA news & information via US Mail?   Yes   No


Annual Dues:  $50.00*                                  Interested in volunteering     Yes     No


Beach Donation:  _____________


Total Check:   _________________


* BBCA has several vacant Committee positions open in 2010.  $50 Membership dues will be waived for Members interested in volunteering for a board or committee position.  Please return completed application, indicating interest to volunteer.  Dues will be returned to Member once 2010 volunteer position is agreed upon by Executive Board & Member.


If you are interested in volunteering with BBCA, or have any questions about our mission and purpose, please contact directly any of our Board Members for additional information:


Marianne Romero, President, 301-475-9321, pr5471@aol.com

Peter Romero, Vice President, 301-475-9321

Joe Bell, Past President 301-475-3766, bellj@md.metrocast.net

Leslie Heimer, Secretary 301-690-2609, leslieh@premieronline.com


Reminder:  BBCA Membership Dues are not prorated and are non-transferrable.  Dues are separate and apart from any homeowners’ association dues connected with your community.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Joining the Club

Hi, everyone, hope you are enjoying the new format for the BBCA.  I hope that many of you will consider volunteering to either be on the board or help manage and run our most prized assets--our beach.  We need a treasurer (which would be a voting position on the board).  And we need volunteers to help with mailings and membership and some social events.  This is a fun board.  It consist of Joe Bell, Marianne Romero, Peter Romero and Leslie Heimer.  The open position is Treasurer.  We have tried and are continuing to try to streamline all the positions so that we get the maximum result with the least time.  I think it is working.  So, please think about volunteering.  This is a fun board and, occasionally, Joe buys the beer.

Marianne Romero

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcome Spring!

With the temperatures warming, everyone is eager to kick off the Spring season and enjoy our lovely community. The BBCA Board of Directors continues to work to improve communications and membership for our organization.  In an effort to modernize our membership efforts and outreach, the Breton Bay Spirit has a new look! Always mindful of budgetary restrictions and valuable volunteer time, we hope you will find the e-Newsletter appealing and convenient. Breton Bay Spirit eNewsletter

Monday, March 8, 2010

We hope you will utilize this space to better stay informed about the Breton Bay Community.
We hope you find the site useful and utilize this tool for announcements, news articles, events, photos, and to share your feedback/comments.

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